Our Events



On October 15th, NSS NITC in collaboration with ANS Trust conducted a webinar on the topic 'Health is Everything' which was led by Ms.Neeki Singh ,a renowned International Yoga Coach and Corporate Fitness Expert. The webinar mainly focused on human anatomy, immune system and mind power. The session was very interactive throughout and all the questions raised were clearly elucidated. With an aim to spread health and happiness, Ms.Neeku Singh was able to strengthen our minds with her powerful words.



'A healthy outside starts from the inside'. Yes, physical and mental wellbeing should be equally ensured, especially during this pandemic phase. The NSS unit of NITC with an urge to bring back a healthier world, had organized a webinar session on October 13th at 7pm through webex platform. The session was led by Dr.Sayana Usman(BAMS,DBCM) a consultant at Ashtanga Ayurveda,Chathamangalam. The webinar instilled how important it is to maintain both our mental and physical health and how it can impact us in our day to day life.



In these changing times we have learnt how mental health determines our everyday life to a huge extent. So, in collaboration with VIT-AP, IIT Roorkee, NIT Surat, DJ Sanghvi and in partnership with L.H.S.NATION, NSS NITC organized a free event Nexus, as a part of NSS day. The main motive of this event was to raise awareness on mental health and support it as much as we can. On the NSS day along with raising awareness of this prime cause and support of NGOs:- UPAHAR FOUNDATION and BROWS, the participants were able to witness enchanting concerts and enthralling talks by military personnel. The event commenced on 24th of September, 5:30 PM.



On 24th September, NSS Day, the NSS unit of NITC had put forth a NSS Day Challenge, 'Shaking Off the Inertia ' with an aim of propounding together a message of love and care for our fellow beings. Apart from being separated by online screens ,NSS volunteers accepted the challenge and shared their tiny activities in insta stories with the hashtags' #sharetheday and #nssdaychallenge. This NSS Day reminded us of our responsibility to contribute to our near world with our little knot of love and compassion.



Being physically challenged isn't one's fault and doesn't mean that they have to be confined to their walls and be deprived of all the happiness they deserve. Unfortunately, still there is a world of deaf and dumb who are shuffling through their lives not knowing how wonderful life can be. They too have a world of unexplored moments and sign language is the noblest blessing God has given to hard of hearing individuals. So on this International Sign Language day, a group of NSS volunteers of NITC had put forth an initiative to portray a glimpse of their lives as a short film,'Mozhi'. It reminds us of the importance of learning sign language and being linguistically united so that we can create a better world around them.



‘ENGIREELS ’ is an online reels submission event that was organized by NSS NIT Calicut as part of National Engineers’ Day on September 15th. Being open to all college and school students with no language constraints, the participants were supposed to shoot a reel where personified appliances talk from their perspective. Active participation from students was evident, with around 17 submissions.



As part of Teacher’s Day celebrations, B20 volunteers of NSS NITC had organized an online debate competition, ‘Tug-of-Words', from 3rd to 4th of September. It was conducted in two rounds, a preliminary written round and a final round through google meet. Around 30+ teams registered, out of which 22 teams competed in preliminary level on the topic,’ Changes surfaced in students and teachers during online learning beneficial to them? ‘. 6 teams were shortlisted for the final round, which was conducted on September 4 at 3 pm. All participants actively participated on the topic, ‘Is technology on board to hit the mark in replacing a teacher’s role?’. Dr. Sreejith S and Dr. Reju George Mathew, Associate Professors from the department of School of Management Studies, were in the judging panel. The battle of words came to an end at around 4.30 pm. Results were announced the next day on September 5th through the official Instagram page of nss_nitcalicut; Three teams bagged 1st,2nd, and 3rd positions, respectively, out of the 6 teams. Total prize money worth Rs.1750 was awarded to all the winners.



There has always been a stigma in society around women’s capability of responding to certain aspects that are believed to be handled only by men. On 12th August, NSS NITC conducted a webinar to redefine all those roles and slam the stereotypes on women. The webinar was led by @facismslayer, who gave an insightful perspective on all the prejudices that every woman is subjected to since birth, including restricting women from physical activities, female foeticides, and underestimating women’s intelligence. The session was very interactive, with the participants raising several queries. Each response to these queries was explicitly explained, helping us realize the intricacies that developed in forming such a society that is now breaking out of all such myths. On behalf of NSS NITC, we thank @facismslayer for giving us wonderful narratives and contributing to changing society's mindset about gender stereotypes.



Yoga promotes the holistic health of an individual and is beneficial in maintaining a balance between the body and mind. June 21 is internationally observed as Yoga day to highlight the importance of yoga in the contemporary era. As a part of this year's yoga day, we NSS NITC conducted a webinar stressing the benefits of yoga and encouraged the students to perform yoga every day. A good number of students participated in the webinar. We hope we were able to instill in them the significance of maintaining good health and practicing yoga every day. Students also shared with us pictures of themselves performing yoga.



‘To plant trees is to give body and life to ones dream of a better life’. To instill the importance of planting trees, NSS NIT C conducted a plantation drive as a part of the World Environment Day on June 5th. The criteria of the challenge was for the participants to capture pictures of them planting using the NSS filter provided and to make it their Instagram story. They were also required to tag 3 people from their own college, 5 people from other colleges, the person who challenged them and the official Instagram page of NSS NIT C. A screenshot of their story after 23 hours of posting was also to be shared. To assure maximum participation and interest, exciting gifts were offered to 3 lucky draw winners. The event was highly successful with a huge number of participants



As a part of the World Environment Day observance on 5th June, NSS NIT C unit conducted ‘Treasure in the Greens’, an online Treasure Hunt. The treasure hunt consisted of two levels. The Prelims took place on 2nd and 3rd June and consisted of 6 questions. Clues were posted on the official NSS NITC Instagram page at specific aforementioned time slots. The prelims received a whopping number of 150 responses. Students from different parts of the country participated. 10 participants with highest points were selected for the Finals conducted on 5th June. It consisted of 4 questions. Cash Prize worth 2600 rupees was distributed amongst the winners. Participants appreciated the event and commented that the clues were intriguing .



As a part of the World Environment Day celebrations on 5th June, NSS NIT C conducted a reels competition seeking to capture the serene beauty of nature. Participants were required to create reel videos of the nature of maximum 30 seconds. The event declaration poster was released on 30th May and entries were accepted till 4th May. The competition received a total of 43 exquisite entries. The winners were decided based on an internal polling amongst the Environment Day Event Coordinators and the number of likes of each entry. The results were announced on 6th June. Cash prize worth 1K was awarded as such: First- 500 rupees, Second – 300 rupees, Third -200 rupees. The best 15 reels were also announced and posted on the NSS NIT C Instagram page. The event captured many enthralling views of the nature and was a grand success.



"The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description" The NSS unit of NIT Calicut, on April 11th 2021, conducted a very informative and highly encouraging webinar on the topic "Choose to Challenge", in which Mrs. Prasanna Edayillam, a former commander of the Indian Navy, addressed us about her vision and experiences. The session, without any doubt, has inspired us, and has helped in emboldening all those women who listened to it.



Courage is what it takes, to spread love and be kind. Faris.Y, for his benevolent act of donating blood stem cells, thereby, saving the life of a little child, received a token of appreciation from the honourable Director of the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, Dr. P S Sathidevi on behalf of NSS NIT Calicut. May this gesture inspire him and many others to keep spreading kindness around them, overcoming all the fears and barriers, to make our world a better place than how we found it.



Our tech fest, Tathva is known for its innovation and grandeur. But as it says, "For it's in giving that we receive"; we have always been eager to lend a helping hand to the needy. We donated 140 of the extra unused Tathva T-shirts of Tathva '19 to Grace Palliative Care and 40 T-shirts to the Institute of Palliative Care (IPM), Kozhikde. We hope we were able to spread a light of happiness to the needful people.



"Giving is the greatest act of grace." In association with DATRI, a stem cell donor registry, the NSS unit of NITC conducted a webinar on 29 th March, which had Athulya Krishna, the Regional Associate of DATRI and Faris Y, a fourth year mechanical engineering student of NITC, as the main speakers. Faris shared his experience of donating blood stem cells with Datri while Athulya Krishna enlightened us about the donation procedure once a match is made and the volunteering opportunities with the 'Blood Stem Cell Donor Registry.' The session created awareness among the participants about stem-cell donation and we hope the webinar will encourage more individuals to step forward for donation.



Mission clean beach " is an event organized by NITC NSS unit in association with Calicut Corporation, District administration and District Cleanliness mission in connection with 'Nammade Kozhikode' confederation.As a part of this drive NSS volunteers along with PRTC volunteers cleaned Calicut beach on 13 th March as a step to achieve the goal of clean planet.



Team Perana of NSS NITC conducted a career guidance class for the upcoming warriors of 8th and 9th std of GHSS POONOOR.The session was a great success that we could guide them and acquaint them through the vast opportunities available in this fast growing modern society.We were able to reach the most sectors -science and technology, commerce, humanities and so on.This programme was really a fruitful one,for those enthusiastic students and we believe that we have paved the way for enlightenment.



“History is replete with examples of biological threats that have resulted in disastrous outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.” NSS NITC conducted a webinar on 21st February 2021 in which Dr Jinesh Veetilakath(Head of Department, Emergency Medicine, ASTER MIMS, Kannur) talked about “The Role of Technology in Biological Disasters”.He gave the attendees a brief idea of how in recent pandemic technology has played a key role in the prevention, preparation and management of these biological disasters and how it will be helpful for the coming generation. On behalf of NSS NITC, we thank Dr Jinesh Veetilakat for such a heuristic talk and students attended the webinar.



Road accidents dipped to their lowest level last year, owing to the lockdown. But as vehicles started taking streets, the casualties have also seen a surge. To raise awareness about road safety, NSS NITC conducted a webinar hosted by Sir T.J Thankachan, a retired motor vehicle inspector. Besides enlightening us about the road rules, Sir also presented carefully curated videos showcasing the fatality of accidents, common driving errors, and the importance of wearing helmets and seat belts. On behalf of NSS, NITC, we thank Sir T.J Thankachan for the informative session. The webinar was indeed a road safety guide for all the participants.



NSS NITC organised a hair donation drive as part of which around 30 individuals made their donations. Each of the donations were sent to a hairbank run by Miracle Charitable Association, Thrissur where they will be used in making wigs for cancer patients. This drive was yet another initiative taken to promote the NSS motto, "Not me, but you".



With the sight of welcoming 2021 with positivity and amity, we organized a Bed donation drive on 23rd January 2021. 374 beds were collected from the outgoing batch and donated to the needy. Every beginning brings a fresh opportunity. Let us stay away from what might have been and look at what can be.



NSS NITC Volunteers partook in cleaning the premises of the Institute of Palliative Medicine, Calicut on 9th January 2021. Realising the significance of having a hygienic environment for the residing patients, the volunteers cleaned the inner premises along with clearing the surrounding unhealthy grassy grounds. Safety precautions were ensured considering the current pandemic scenario.



December 1 is observed internationally as 'World Aids Day'. In order to spread awareness among the students, NSS NITC conducted a webinar on the topic 'Unmasking HIV in the midst of Covid-19'. The webinar was hosted by Jeeva Shaji, a third year medical student of Ernakulam Government medical college, in which she discussed with us the causes of AIDS, how it spreads, the Red ribbon symbol and theme for the 2020 observance. AIDS patients unfortunately face a lot of stigma due to ignorance of the society. Jeeva pointed out that the female patients suffer a lot due to this. This session particularly helped us in understanding certain misconceptions associated with the deadly disease. We, on behalf of NSS NITC thank Jeeva Shaji for the engaging and informative session and hope to conduct more sessions like this in future.



26th of November, recognised as National constitution day or National Law Day, to honour the miraculous Indian constitution written years before. The NSS unit of NITC proudly conducted a webinar in which advocate T J Chakanad, a marvellous attorney, talked about the supreme law of India; the mighty constitution. Members of NSS engaged actively for organising this heuristic talk. Around 200 students enthusiastically participated in the webinar. Adv. T J Chakanad precisely explained the preamble of Indian constitution. He pointed out 19 fascinating features of the Indian constitution including the fact that it is preserved in a helium-filled case in the Library of the Parliament of India. Within the short period of time allotted, the amount of particulars he shared with us was immensely informative. He gave the listeners a brief idea about their fundamental rights which includes the right to equality, right to freedom, right against exploitation, right to freedom of religion, cultural and educational rights, right to property and right to constitutional remedies. He gave details about Article 21- Protection of life and personal liberty. For the record, it was a scholarly disquisition done by such an amazing advocate practising law at Thrissur District Court & High Court of Kerala.



Sanjeevani- Life Beyond Cancer, in collaboration with the NSS unit of NIT Calicut, conducted a webinar on 'Cancer prevention and healthy lifestyle' on the 21st of November, 2020. We had a very distinguished speaker Ms. Sumki Begum from 2pm to 4pm, and a participant turnout of around 250 people. A taboo still existing in many pockets of our society is that cancer, means death. With this interesting and informative session, we were able to see beyond this, and understand that cancer is just another curable disease and there is life beyond it. A quiz was conducted at the end of the session in which the participants put up splendid performances. We look forward to more such collaborative sessions with esteemed organizations.



Another children's day has come and gone. But this time , the pandemic left the school corridors devoid of all the wonderful things that had once filled the children with delight. It’s not just the education of children, which has suffered during this lockdown to curb the Covid-19. Boredom, social isolation and the lack of outdoor games has added to serious healthcare concerns. The ‘New Normal’ has been harder for the specially abled children around us. They struggle to keep up with the changes, as the system fails to include them. Inclusion is not just thoughtlessly integrating without support. In an effort to support them and help them cope with the situation we explored the technological possibilities. As part of Aavishkaar, the tathva social initiative, in association with White Board, conducted a Children’s day Quiz for the differently abled children. Using augmented reality, our proficient designer team created a platform for them where there can self-help. We congratulate the designer team headed by Christo as their hard work pays off.



Bobby Sherman once said, "Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves life, and it works." Taking the first and most crucial step to saving lives, NSS NIT Calicut organized an online webinar on the topic "Safety and First Aid" on 8th November. It was hosted by Femina Fathima, a second year medical student at Manjeri Medical College. She engaged us all in an important conversation about the importance of providing first aid and the action plan to follow. She highlighted several measures and also took the questions posed by the volunteers by giving worthy answers. It was a very knowledgeable session, overall. We thank Femina Fathima for such an informative and inspiring talk and hope to conduct more sessions like in this in the future.



Until you dig a hole, plant a tree, water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking." ― Wangari Maathai NSS in collaboration with the NITC Fit India Cell organized the 'MY TREE FOR THE YEARS TO COME' programme in connection with Fit India Freedom Run and Gandhi Jayanti. The event was conducted at 3 pm on October 1, inaugurated by our Director in Charge, Dr. Sathidevi. The faculties received the saplings from the Director which they planted in front of each department. On behalf of NSS NIT Calicut, we thank Dr. Sathidevi and the faculties for spreading the message of importance of planting trees and protecting our habitat.



"Changing what you eat can help save the world". NSS-NITC, in association with the Humane Society International/India, organized a webinar on October 2nd, in regard to the observation of World Animal Farm Day. It took place from 3 pm to 5 pm, with a turnout of around 250 students. The session was hosted by Sally Varma, an animal advocate working with HSI, who captured the unwavering attention of the students with her insightful words. It chiefly focussed on the topic 'Fighting Climate Change through Diet' and highlighted issues including animal welfare, ignorance of laws in slaughterhouses, cruelty in battery cages and its environmental and health impacts. Her engaging anecdotes helped students embrace the appalling truths about factory farming while letting go of their pre-existing 'happy-farm' images. By introducing simple solutions like the 3 R's (Reduce, Replace, Refine) and Meatless Mondays, students were able to come closer to the concept of making a change. The session created a sense of awareness by imprinting in our minds that 'ignorance isn't bliss' and that 'everything we eat has a consequence'; thereby inspiring us to join a revolution fueled by love.



" Vegan for the planet" was the prime take away from yet another remarkable, interactive webinar conducted by The Vegan Outreach India hosted by Smt. Bhavya Vatrapu. It was indeed an eye opener for each of us knowing more about Vegan diet and how animal agriculture adversely affects the environment. On behalf of the entire team of NSS NIT Calicut, we thank you for creating an amazing opportunity to realise the small idea of how what's in our plates can truly change what remains with us in future.



NSS day is celebrated on the 24th September every year to commemorate the launch of this selfless organisation. On this auspicious occasion, NSS NITC, in collaboration with NSS SVNIT hosted an online conference exclusively for NSS volunteers. The interactive session was graced by the presence of Professor PL Patel (Dy. Director SVNIT), Dr. Raghu CV (Programme coordinator of NSS NITC) and Dr. Bade Mukund (Faculty in Charge of NIT SVNIT). This served as a wonderful platform where both the NSS organisations shared different ideas which when implemented can be roaring sensations! The principles that form the foundation of NSS were also discussed with a motive to discover new avenues where one can exhibit compassion and generosity to our fellow human beings, thereby upholding the legacy of NSS



Life's most persistent and urgent question is, ''what are you doing for others?” NSS-NITC, in association with DATRI, organised a webinar on raising awareness about stem cell donation on September 19, celebrated worldwide as Marrow Donor Day. In a session that lasted for an hour on Google meet, around 250 students joined and they were given valuable lessons on marrow donation, a new frontier of hope that has revolutionized modern day medicine. We were truly honoured to have Aby Sam John narrate his journey to becoming the first marrow donor of Kerala. His anecdotes of overcoming his fear of needles and giving up his career for this noble cause were fun and inspiring because they shed light on how simple acts of altruism and courage can potentially save lives. We feel immense gratitude towards DATRI for helping us organise this webinar. Their objectives mirror our own. By pursuing a quest of saving lives through marrow donation, they impart in our minds, an awareness that utters endless echoes of "Not me, but you".



"Reversing deforestation is complicated. Planting trees is simple." The NSS unit of NIT Calicut, along with the NSS unit of SVNIT, conducted a Plantation Drive dated from 16th to 23rd of September, on the event of the NSS Day with an aim to transform our surroundings to lands flourishing with diverse flora. Our students and staff from all over India took part in this collective endeavor and planted more than 1450 saplings, which turned out to be about thrice the number that we had expected. Together, let us aim for a bright, "green" future.



The future of the world depends on the quality of today's students. Thus it's important to resume the students' education despite the COVID-19 pandemic. This poses a challenge as people are confined to their homes to prevent the spread of the disease and online classes is the only possible solution. But many students endure difficulty due to unavailability of the required resources to attend the classes. NIT Calicut attempts to give a helping hand to support such students. NITC, under the coordination of Mr.Subhash.K.M, EED handed over 4 television sets along with cable connection to the Chathamangalam Panchayath Secretary on 06/06/2020 to give back such students their right to education .Two televisions were sponsored by NSS-NITC unit and the remaining two by the Faculty Association (FANITC). NSS NITC unit expresses immense gratitude towards our Faculty Association for taking initiative for the great cause.We would also like to specially thank Subhash sir for coordinating the activities.



"A single pint can save three lives, a single gesture can create a million smiles". On 3rd March 2020, we saw some real heroes offering their tiny bits towards humanity. 113 units of blood was donated via the blood donation camp organized. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the donors. Maybe, their little effort can give someone else a second chance to live.



NSS Website and Magazine launch, a moment of pride for every NSS volunteer, happened at the ECE Seminar Hall and witnessed a huge turnout of students. Dr.Madhukumar Sir (Dean Student Welfare), the Chief Guest of the day and NSS in-charges Dr.Hiran, Dr.Raghu, Dr.Hari and Dr. Mini honored us with their presence. Niyas, our Student Coordinator, presented the annual NSS report. Later, Anandu and his team, the brains behind the website along with Dr.Madhukumar launched the website, followed by Goutham demonstrating the website. Our NSS Magazine was launched by Dr.Hari and the e-Magazine was also released on the website.



"There is an end to cure, but there is no end to care." . This is where palliative care comes in. Many compassionate volunteers of NSS NIT Calicut unit displayed their concern to this delicate cause by showing up for the palliative reunion conducted by Chathamangalam Panchayath bringing together the ASHA workers, NGOs, and volunteers from different colleges. The program could successfully bring together beneficiaries of palliative care and ensured all of them had a good time with their family and acquaintances throughout the day at REC GVHSS, Chathamangalam on 9th February 2020



We conducted a two-day camp named ELIXIR on 1st and 2nd of februaury,2020 that hosted 36 students from class 8 and 9, all from different schools across Kozhikode. This became the first event to be conducted by our new venture –“Team innovation”. This camp brought the young talented minds to experience our campus first hand, with an intention of inspiring and igniting their scientific aspirations. Elixir is well known in the mystique fables of alchemy as a concoction capable of providing magical power to achieve the purpose that one intends. Ours was a bit different, for it wasn’t a fantasy, yet had all the charm. Hope the elixir we brew finds purpose in their pursuit of science and all other spheres of life



Beach is a bridge between the land and marine ecosystem. Cleaning our beaches is a step towards cleaning our oceans. It also improves the coastal and ocean ecosystem by making sure that none of the trash kills marine life or disrupt the marine life cycle. To become as a part of the solution in cleaning seas, National Institute of Technology, Calicut took a step. For the same, a beach cleaning program was carried out under The District Collector ,Department of Tourism Promotion Council and The Health Department of Calicut. The cleaning exercise was done on 25 January 2020 from 7am to 10am.About more than 120 students participated under the clean beach mission coordinator Dr . Sijesh and Health Inspector P Sivan.



Although first aid is a temporary treatment, it still plays a great role in preventing the situation from getting serious or worse.As it offers a range of benefits, it is a must for us to get a proper first aid training so that they can contribute to saving lives by handling emergencies in an efficient, prompt and righteous manner.  In view of the same ,The NSS Cell of NITC along with the Apothecary unit of SFI, Calicut Medical College, conducted an awareness class on First Aid for the the college students on 19th of January 2020, led by Athira and Aneeta, on fundamentals and misconceptions related to first aid for unforseen emergencies like burns, fractures.The class was conducted in both forenoon and afternoon session attended by the second year students of NITC.



"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it." When cancer starts fighting against a body, support and mental strength should complement the medical care for them to win the battle. The cancer awareness candle walk was a worthwhile adieu to the year 2019. Organized by the Chathamangalam Panchayath and MVR Cancer Centre, hundreds of people came together to instigate insight on palliative care and supporting cancer patients and their families. Holding candles in hands and igniting empathy and concern in minds, we walked together from Kattangal to MVR after the inaugural meeting in front of the Panchayat office. More than 200 students including volunteers of the NSS NITC chapter participated in the walk



The Annual Camp, which forms an integral part of National Service Scheme, was held from 3-9 December 2019 with volunteers camping at DCM UP School Appapara, Wayanad. The days were spent in service oriented activities which included artistically renovating the walls of the health centre premises, painting the hospital equipments and cleaning the road that led to the same. The exhibition conducted at DCM UP School and Ashram School, Thirunelly made technical impact in the young minds and the motivational class set the students ablaze with a new lease of life and zest. With coordinal support from the Forest Department, plastic was collected from about 10km stretch of road. Not to mention the 10km long Brahmagiri hill trekking, an experience worth forever rememberence. The assiduous efforts of an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers helped not only on the workfront but also in forging deeper bonds among the campmates.



“Help people become more of who they already are, don’t make them more like you.” NSS NIT Calicut organized Aavishkar’19, a social initiative of @tathva_nitcalicut . This two-day mentorship program wrapped in fun and fervor was attended by 7th to10th-grade students of Ekalavya Government Model Residential School, Painav on 30th and 31st November 2019. We took them beyond the books and helped them realize what they are best at through science experiments, film screening, career guidance, games, art, origami and cultural sessions along with a hands-on robotics and drone making workshop. We were honored by the presence of the District Collector, Mr. H Dineshan. More than mentors, we were companions to them, talking, learning and doing activity sessions with them, who could turn their “intangible dreams” to “attainable goals”. After those couple of days, we could see the passion in their eyes, confidence in their face and determination in their words.



n 31st October NITC celebrated National Unity Day. Ekta divas aims at providing an opportunity to re-affirm the inherent strength and resilience of our nation to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of our country. A meeting of faculties, students and staffs was called in the administrative block at 12: 15pm.The program was organized by NITC in collaboration with both NSS unit and NCC cadet. Dr. Sivaji chakravorti, respected director of our institute addressed the gathering and NCC cadet extended salutation to him. retired Lt.col. Pankajakshan.k, our registrar conveyed message in the assembly. Unity pledge was taken by all the students, faculties and other staffs who participated in the meeting.



NSS in collaboration with Human Values Group (HVG) of NITC conducted a stem cell donor registration drive on 24th, Thursday, October 2019.The drive was a great success having over 1050 donors registered. Our chief importance was to find a donor for one of our colleagues who is need of an immediate stem cell transplantation. The donors were registered to a donor registry maintained by DATRI- a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2009 with a mission to save lives of those suffering from life threatening blood disorders like Blood Cancer, Thalassemia, Aplastic Anaemia etc. DATRI is registered with Government of India as a Section 8 organization



We all have been really busy at some point in life that some how we wanted a bit extra time and always skipping meals have been the universal solution, right? But guess what?! Silly us,It actually didn't help, so said when we reached out to experts. And you may already know it but it's time to understand, realise and act upon it. This was the message Dr.Shirin Thomas conveyed in her lecture on Road towards a healthy lifestyle and asked us to tell you the same .so next time be nice and wise take your food time.you know why? Because we told you so!!🤗😜



On this second of October our country celebrated 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji. also, this year marked 50th NSS day. on this occasion our NSS unit took efforts to plant 150 medicinal plants across the campus. respected director of our college, Dr. Sivaji Chakravorti, inaugurated this plantation drive. The event was joined by student welfare dean, Dr. Madhu Kumar and many other faculties. As a beginning, ten neem plants were planted on 2nd October while the rest were planted during subsequent days. For this purpose, various sites across campus nearby canteen, hostels etc were identified, cleared and then saplings were planted.



A Blood Donation Drive was organized by the NSS cell of NIT Calicut on 16th September 2019.It was organized in association with government women and children hospital and government General hospital, Calicut under sponsorship of HDFC bank. particulars mandatory to verify eligibility of donors were ensured by collecting necessary data via the questionnaire provided by the hospitals. A total of 150 members took part in this drive out of which 103 successfully donated. All the blood collected was packed carefully and was sent to both the hospitals.



The “Let’s teach” under NSS organized training sessions for the month on 14th, 21st and 28th of September 2019 in Puthoor Government UP School. In all three classes our volunteers gave USS scholarship exam coaching to 7th grade students, Along with teaching them basic English, Mathematics and science.



A Handmade craft stall was organized by the NSS cell of NIT Calicut on August 29th 2019 at Creative Zone from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. along with Carpe Diem. A variety of handmade pieces such as Paper pens, Pen holders, cloth bags, jute bag were exhibited in the stall. A good amount of rupees 4470/- was collected on that day. The money collected was sent to the Institute of Palliative Medicine (IPM). There was good participation from the students, NSS volunteers and faculty as well.



A graceful and honorable oldage is the childhood of immortality.But lives around us are perfect evidence that the same does not hold true,atleast not always.The NSS volunteers’ visit to Santhwanam,a nearby old age home was both an experience to cherish for life as well as an eye-opener.Spending a day with them,travelling their trails through the past and losing one self to their melodies,it was indeed a lesson for life.NSS volunteers took active participation in cooking the lunch for the in mates,cleaning up their surroundings and entertaining them.The Music Club of NITC also joined in making the day perfect for the habitants.



There is nothing more that keep a person motivated than being able to take care of one self and having control over on own life .targeting the very same, NSS NITC conducted "Oru kaithang.." for the handicapped. This venture provided a free short certification programme on following courses: 1.excel- Data entry jobs 2.Photoshop- Flex designing This course lasted for a duration of one week starting from Sunday ,15th December 2019 at our campus.The certificates were provided after an exam towards the end of the course.



The Save Earth Ride conducted by the Biking Community of India, along with the Forest Department of Karnataka and in association with the NSS NITC Unit was a great success. About 50 saplings were planted throughout the campus of NITC, on 4th of August. Following which, there was a talk about how and why we need to conserve the environment. Programs like these help in raising awareness for the necessity to save our planet, in whatever way we can



Institute of Palliative Medicine conducted a 3 day camp from15th to 17th July, 2019 educating the participants on the importance and need for palliative care. The camp was organized in accordance to the guidelines laid out by the World Health Organization in shaping well informed trainers for community volunteering. The camp aimed at training the student volunteers for community palliative care and long term care. Around 30 NSS volunteers turned out for this event, which was a great success. The workshop provided the volunteers with enough experience on how to treat a patient, their family and how to provide clinical help if necessary. Completing the workshop yielded the volunteers with a WHO certificate



We held up the idea of "Giving is not just about making a donation .It is about making a difference." As part of the bed donation conducted on may 2nd 2019, 276 beds were donated to Navabharata Charitable trust, Jeevajyothi Charitable trust-pain & palliative care and Santhwanam by NSS cell of NIT calicut. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others